• Top 5 PSP Demo

    Gundam Battle Universe

    God of War

    MLB 08

    Flatout Head On

    Loco Roco

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How-To Install Demo’s

This page is a tutorial page on how to download the free demos from freepspdemos

Q: How Do I install the psp Demo I have just Downloaded?

A: This can be achieved by following the guide below!

Step 1) Extract the file you have just downloaded using a program such as “winrar”(Its free to trial) to extract the files. You should now have a folder named something like “ULJS00141” with a file inside it saying “eboot.pbp”

Step 2) Connect to psp to your computer using your usb cable and then on your psp navigate to settings -> usb mode

Step 3) When the box pops up click saying something like “Removable Disk (E:)” (The letter might be different depending on what port you insert your usb cable into.) Click the option open files to view using windows explorer.

Step 4) Now you should see a folder called “GAME” In capitals as well as all others folders such as “PHOTO”, “MUSIC” if you don’t then click file->new->folder and rename it GAME in capitals.

Step 5) Now locate the extracted psp demo it should be a folder called something like “ULJS00141” and copy it into the GAME folder.

Step 6) Wait for it to copy over (should only take a few seconds) and now safely remove your psp from your computer.

Step 7) On your psp navigate to games and to the bottom you should now see your new psp Demo!

Thanks for reading and help spread the word!

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